Encore Park is an innovative outreach project of The Stewpot and the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas located along Park Avenue south of Young in downtown Dallas.

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Encore Park is a triple entendre (at least): 

Oncor becomes Encore!

Through its purchase of the property at 515 Park and 500 South St. Paul, The Stewpot provides opportunities for partner organizations and its own programs to grow. 


Through renovation of 508 Park and the building of an amphitheater it will bring music back to the neighborhood where famous recordings occurred.


Reiterating The Stewpot's motto that "we serve second chances," it will give second chances to a neighborhood, to buildings, to services, to people. 

It will create a campus, a park-like environment on Park Avenue.

The Stewpot is a resource center for Dallas homeless and at-risk individuals that receives broad community support as it meets basic needs and pioneers innovative entrepreneurial opportunities for this population.

It is also well known for its support of collaborative partnerships.  In 2011, The Stewpot purchased 508 Park Avenue, directly across the street, and began plans for renovating this historic building. Now, with The Stewpot’s plans to purchase 515 Park, directly to the south of The Stewpot, a campus will be created that includes a community amphitheater, 508 Park Avenue, a Community Garden, The Stewpot, and a site for partner agencies and expanded Stewpot services at 515 Park Avenue.

Join us in creating unprecedented change in downtown Dallas!

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