Museum of Street Culture


An exciting aspect of the development of Encore Park is the creation of The Museum of Street Culture. It will forge community between disparate worlds, bringing together all facets of urban life. Some of the permanent exhibitions will be located at 508 Park, offering a place where people can engage in dialogue they never thought they’d have. Its core permanent exhibitions, educational activities, and public programs will link the early film history of 508 Park with the Blues, Western Swing, and Mexican music recorded there. MSC provides new perspectives on historical issues and diverse cultures.

The Museum of Street Culture (MSC) is planning sound/video installations, interactive technologies, social media and other innovative modes of presentation that will broaden its outreach to people of all ages and backgrounds and engaging underserved populations. In addition, MSC will focus on the homeless and the art they create, exploring current directions in street culture and their historical antecedents.

The street is a gathering place -- a physical and metaphorical way for us to travel with one another to unfamiliar territory and find common ground. The street is a place of abundant life and creativity. With our partners, we will illuminate the street, inviting disparate communities to meet, learn, and thrive together.

The Museum of Street Culture (MSC) will help to expand the outreach of The Stewpot. Together, MSC and The Stewpot will use art to progressively tackle redevelopment of two new buildings, integrating and normalizing - not displacing - the existing homeless and at risk population.

Dallas has made significant investments of time and money, and created independent alliances in the Arts District and around homelessness, and mental illness. MSC will energize these strategies by engaging leaders/artists/thinkers from across this spectrum. MSC complements the goals set forth by the Mayor of Dallas through his initiatives to transform areas of South Dallas and other sectors of the city that are in need of urban redevelopment. In fact, the redevelopment of downtown Dallas is propelled by changing attitudes toward the City and its street culture. People in Dallas are now hungry for urban experience, evidenced by unparalleled attendance growth at cultural institutions and public free events.

Want to know more about the Museum of Street Culture? Watch this short video and share in our excitement.

MSC integrates homeless artists by introducing them to innovative concepts, offering interactive exhibitions of folk, traditional and contemporary art and music, open access to new technologies and media, performance opportunities, visual art installations, and emerging art forms.

MSC humanizes the arts by presenting visions of trained and untrained artists side by side, nurturing creativity among rich and poor, and those from different cultural neighborhoods and socioeconomic backgrounds. MSC will uniquely present folk, traditional, and contemporary art in ways that can catalyze public dialogue about creativity and social change.