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Home is Where the Heart Is: A Storyslam about Homelessness

"Home is Where the Heart is: A Storyslam about Homelessness" is an open mic event where we invite speakers who have experienced homelessness or are currently experiencing homelessness to freely self-express their story.

The intention of the "Home Is Where the Heart is" project is to empower the possibility of connection for people through conversations about Homelessness.

Come out to experience real life stories told by profound Human Beings and be a part of the conversation to transform how we relate to homelessness in Dallas.

We would like to invite the generosity of listeners from all backgrounds to support the speakers.
Your stake in being with us is that you are truly a Contribution to the conversation that society has about Homelessness.

Thank You!

An Itinerary for the event day will be posted shortly.
The event will be located in the Encore Park Amphitheatre.