Brunswick Warehouse Recording Studio

508 Park is famous for the field recordings that took place in the warehouse of Brunswick Record Corporation’s Divisional offices on the third floor. From these offices, Don Law orchestrated field recording sessions across the state of Texas and made 843 recordings at 508 Park between 1935 and 1939.

An aspect of the renovation of 508 Park that is part of the plans for Encore Park includes creating a recording studio that will be available to anyone interested in making sound recordings in the historic space where Bob Wills, Robert Johnson, and many others recorded in the 1930s. Technical plans for the studio are being considered currently, but capabilities will run the gamut from teaching basic sound recording to higher end recording technology for teaching and serious musician recording.

During the years that this building was vacant, Eric Clapton successfully arranged to record on the third floor. But after him, musicians were turned away. Soon, the doors will be open again.