Encore Park

Encore Park is the name for The Stewpot's Innovative Park Avenue Campus Combining Caring and Creativity


Encore Park will create an integrated social impact campus for Downtown Dallas, combining core Stewpot services with innovative new channels to meet the growing needs of the people of Dallas. It will also set the culture and tone for the next phase of downtown development by preserving important, irreplaceable historic buildings and offering new venues and cultural attractions that will enhance the entire neighborhood. Importantly, it will also create investment in the last undeveloped section of downtown.


The property [508 Park] needed to be purchased by an organization like First Presbyterian, a community that is compelled to do things that seem impossible, impractical, and definitely unprofitable… For First Presbyterian, their purchase of the historically sacred property and ambitious plans to renovate it fit directly into the narratives they understand:  resurrection, a stick snatched from the fire… [Rev. Bruce] Buchanan sees the principles of The Stewpot and restoring 508 Park as one in the same.  ‘You don’t throw things away,’ he says.  ‘You don’t throw people away and you don’t throw historical [buildings] away.

- D Magazine

Encore Park

  • Brings together people of all cultures and faiths through dialogue, education, service, music, and art
  • Invites the entire community to join in God’s transforming work in the world
  • Creates needed physical space for current and future Stewpot programs
  • Increases inter-agency collaboration and augments services to Dallas’ poor
  • Transforms a transitional downtown neighborhood 
  • Ensures The Stewpot’s ability to honor its enduring motto: We Serve Second Chances!